Access Control

Access Control System

The Idea of the access control system is to give the authority to person to entering or exiting from some place e.g. building, parking.

We hear offer several types of access control basically there are two types:
1-Access control for People.
2-Access control to vehicles.

1St Access Control For people

the process whereby movement in and out of a building is controlled through specific doors, elevators and even gates for specific people at specific times.

This is needed when the areas are of high security where extra security is required beyond intrusion detection. Example of this area is: Military installation, Oil and gas facilities, Hospital, Airport and so on even normal offices is also inclusive.

Access control system should also come with the ability to run..

specialized reports which show who accessed these premises and when, with date and time and even identification code(ID)

We can design system achieving these purpose .using magnetic locks, swipe card reader, Proximity card reader system.

This can be done using reader device, this reader can control door.

Types of reader we have:

1-Proximity readers 125 kHz

Access to the reader is by a contact less proximity card

Short range e.g. 8 cm

Middle range e.g. 70-100 cm

Long range e.g. 1-5 meters


2-Mifare readers 13.56 MHz

Short range e.g. 8 cm

Middle range e.g. 70-100 cm

Long range e.g. 1-5 meters


3-magnitic strip readers is read by simply swipe or present the valid card to this card reader and the system will release a door holding devices.


4-Barcode readers mostly used in POS system


5-PinCode or fingerprint readers

We can choose the kind of reader depend on the application we have.

We can management this system so we have database for time attendance and payroll and also for fee applications


Turnstile System

This device can offer more security and control it can be used with access control readers as it is form of gate which allows one person to pass at a time.

You can find this application in subway stations, company’s entrance, museums, stadiums and any place has high person’s traffic flow. Types of Turnstile we offer:

1- Tripod Turnstile (waist height

The user inserts a ticket or pass into the slot, from which a Barcode is read; if access is to be granted

Single-Sided –Double Sided

— Bi-Directional —

2-Handycap Turnstile – swing

Single-Sided –Double Sided

— Bi-Directional —

3-optical speed turnstile

Generally use an infrared beam to count patrons and recognize anyone attempting to enter a site without a valid entry pass Single-Sided –Double Sided Bi-Directional.

4-Full height turnstile

is a larger version of the turnstile, commonly 7-foot (2.1 m) high, similar in operation to a revolving door, which eliminates the possibility (inherent in the waist-high style) of anyone jumping over the turnstile.

Single-Sided –Double Sided


2ndAccess Control For vehicles

Barrier Gates

To control the entrance and exiting for cars we need barrier gates, this device used mainly in garages, building parking and gates.

It can be controlled with push button or connect it with access control system like readers and control panel.

The main parameters we have according to the barrier gate is the length of the barrier arm and the speed of opening and closing arm