Who we are:

ElectroDream, is a system integrator specialized in “low current systems”. Operating in Egypt and considering the MENA region, representing international leaders in the technology field to cover a large scale of professional products services. We are a leading engineering company in the design, implementation and operation and maintenance of all warning and communication systems and modern control according to all the needs of the various sectors of construction and government sectors and tourism, military and educational.

What we do:

ElectroDream aims to find unconventional solutions distinct and a high level of performance in accuracy and efficiency at the hands of the best qualified technicians and engineers at the highest level as we have the best global brands with high quality. Our main focus is to deliver high quality solutions on time and every time. Providing cutting edge technologies and adapting best Business practices methodology. Pushing the boundaries of the possible, our innovative project management approach guarantees delivery quality within agreed timescales and budgets.