Fire Fighting Networks


  • image027Fire nets depend on water tanks, pumps using water pipes above under surface of the ground with different diameters according to the size seriousness of the project.
  • All the industrial buildings, resorts, hotels other activities depend on the existence of networks installed with high technicality. Which include good variety of hydrants, hoses nozzles.
  • fire nets contain hose reels inside manufacturing halls  for the ease of use as it Characterized by using limited amounts of water don’t affect the building. Hose reels work at high water pressures are available in various diameters such as 3/4inch 1inch.
  • Sheter supplies all components of the network with high quality implement under supervision of specialists in this field.




Field’s Fire Protection provides the design, installation, maintenance and inspections of all fire equipment for your restaurant kitchen systems. With a certified engineer on staff, we can provide upgrades if necessary, making sure you are UL 300 compliant.

Additional Services

  • image028Complete Ventilation Hood Cleaning (including exhaust fans and filters)
  • Grease Containment.
  • Access Panels.

As a distributor for major hood suppression systems, Field’s Fire Protection can offer competitive pricing, as well as professional system installation.